Coffee cups filled with candy and canes
Waterproof hats to shield from the rain
     Trinkets and treasures, gimmicks galore
     Pour in from the children, piled on the floor

You’ve had to show patience so many times
When mouths kept running, not even in rhyme
     Attention was lacking,  and focus as well
     Incomplete assignments, as if from a spell

Impulsive remarks blurted often without meaning
Dripping sarcasm, venom, denial, screaming
     Not knowing the impact of social mistakes
     Words hurled, actions taken, whatever it takes

Kids with ADHD mean no harm by their actions,
Unfortunately spinning mostly negative reactions
     Control switches range from wide open to shut
     Spinning emotions take off, landing in a rut

The care you give to our unruly child
Always caring and thoughtful, full of smile
     An applaud for all you do for each one
     Whether they challenge or create fun

You are their lifeline, their role model and guide
We thank you for really being there, by their side
     For searching ways they can have life successes
     Instead of only pointing out when they make messes

We applaud your endeavor whether rocky or rough
“Thanks” sounds so simplistic, not nearly enough
     Your heartfelt caring lends hope to their future
     With your mentoring support,  life becomes super

As a teacher you’ve been the brunt it is true
But understanding it’s the ADHD’s nature not you
     We thank you profusely for the calm patience you provide
     For our ADHD youngsters need you on their side.

For all of the parents who bemoan teacher-tried
Remember the teacher who sticks by your side
Send this simple thank you, saying you know it is rough
Teaching our kids with compassion and a smile is tough.

As I am a parent, a grandparent, an adult with ADHD, and an educator—I share my compassion for the teacher who tries, the parent who is frustrated, and the child that completes the triangle.

Have a wonderful, calm, and peace-laden holiday season.